Handbrake Mini M-LOK

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Handbrake Mini M-LOK

  • Miniaturized version of the original Handbrake
  • Optimized for setups where forward hand placement is required
  • Features the same enhanced ergonomics and control dynamics as the original Handbrake
  • Utilizes proprietary texture pattern
  • Anti-slip bottom ledge
  • Built-in front and rear barricade stop
  • Made in the USA

Meet the all-new

Handbrake Mini

Encompassing all of Handbrake’s unique features, in a smaller, lighter package.

Meticulously engineered

Designed with tapers and dimensions optimized for high-performance rifle setups.

Purpose built

Excellent for setups where forward hand placement is required.

Uniquely angled

A forward-swept angle and low ledge capture your hand and prevent accidental slips or undesired movement.

Texturized for grip

Handbrake Mini utilizes our proprietary texture pattern for a perfect blend of traction and comfort.

Ultra light-weight.

Handbrake Mini 22g
Magpul® AFG M-LOK 34g

Handbrake weighs less than 1 ounce, including hardware.

Built-in barricade stop

Handbrake Mini features both front and rear
built-in barricade stops.


Material - Nylon polymer

Hardware - Steel

Included Tool T25 Torx Bit

Heat resistance 300°+

M-LOK span 1.5 slots

Length 1.9" (48mm)

Width 1.1" (28mm)

Height 1.5" (39mm)

Weight 0.8oz (22g)